20th Century Camera 4x5 Modular Holder is a unique way to shoot multiple photographic formats with a single holder.  The holder which consists of a hinged top cover, light seal and latch module, pressure plate, dark side and base plate.   The base plate interfaces with your camera the same as a standard 4x5 sheet holder. It has the same footprint as a standard film holder and is 2.5mm (.1") taller. 

The Holder's modularity is achieved through use of inexpensive interchangeable trays that snap into the holder is seconds without the need for tool.  Each Tray is designed to accommodate a specific size media, from 4x5 glass plates to Fuji Instax or can be custom made for your exact need.

Trays are are currently for the following:

  • 4x5" (4.05" x 5.05"  103mm x  128.8mm) for glass plates, aluminum trophy plate (Rockland Tintype black metal plates)
  • J. Lane Pre-Coated B&W Glass Dry Plates
  • Instax Wide Landscape.  ( the image is in the same orientation in the tray as the holder.


NOTE: Instax Wide film must be processed outside of the holder in an Instax Wide Camera.




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